Best Vehicle Body Manufacturers

Vehicle body manufacturers provide an essential service in our communities. They make sure that the vehicles we drive are roadworthy, safe and reliable to drive. They are the people who are in charge of fitting our vehicles with the correct parts guaranteeing us that we are in actual fact paying for the correct vehicle with the proper certified parts. Buying a vehicle can be very stressful and not knowing if you are making the correct financial decision can be something that will haunt you for a long time. When people buy vehicles they usually go for the one that will be suitable for their family and guarantee them much needed safety and stability on the road.  

Vehicle body manufacturers serve a great purpose in ensuring that the end product we receive is real value for money.  We have a professional highly qualified team with enough occupational skills and devotion to being the best that the products we usually develop go on to be recognized as leaders in our industry. At CabWorld we are a leading producer of specialized vehicles, custom built conversions and exclusive canopy products in South Africa. With the team’s dedication and constant search to better our services we are able to cater for any new development in the motor industry; making us your trusted partner when it comes to all things cars.

Our company strives to maintain a high standard of machinery and tools used in our workshop and together with our skilled workforce this enables us to manufacture high standard products and affordable competitive prices. We ensure that we comply strictly with the SABS standards and other legal specifications which enable us to provide you with quality products all the time. We go out of our way to ensure that only vehicles of the highest quality leave our workshop time and time again. Customer satisfaction is what we constantly strive for; servicing and providing our clients with their vehicle needs reassures us that we are on the path to being extremely successful in our industry.

Due to the dedication, effort and friendly service we give to all our clients we have managed to keep up and good reputation thereby earning ourselves many return customers who have become essential to the buildup of our business. The support we receive from clients and other competitors helps and motivates us to keep working harder and better our services where possible.