Canopies For Law Enforcement Vehicles

Police vehicles are very important; they should offer security, comfort as well as speed for police work to be done efficiently. A canopy is crucial for a police vehicle.  It allows prisoners to be transported securely to prison. Police type canopies should be spacious enough to accommodate benches on each side, have sufficient ventilation and a door that swings left to open from the outside. It is also very important for the canopy to be one that can be locked and opened with ease.

Steel canopies are usually the type of canopy sought after. They are designed for strength and durability and can be manufactured in various ways. Some are designed to exclude windows but have side opening doors, extra locking mechanisms and steel mesh. Security is crucial for police vehicles. This type of canopy can also accommodate strong winds or heavy snow accumulation- weather elements have no effect on the function of steel canopies.


The metal can be coated in a variety of colors, although white is the most popular and used for police vehicles. They are also available in a number of sizes and are immune to rot, mold and disadvantages experienced by other structures. Steal canopies are strong and aren’t easily destroyed. Due to the fact that they have a high noise factor, it is easy for the police officers to hear what the prisoners are getting up to in the back without having to physically go and investigate. Police vehicle canopies come standard with steel mesh on the windows; this is done to ensure that the prisoners don’t attempt to escape. The most common damage these canopies are susceptible to is denting.

Police vehicles should be fitted with a lifelong steel canopy as this will save time on repairs and costs. Another feature to be aware of before deciding which canopy will suit your vehicle is the shape of the canopy itself as they come in two basic shapes. The first is the space saver or full-door canopy which often comes with a nose cone to help with aerodynamics and once fitted stick out above the roof of the cabin of the vehicle. The other shape is as high as a cabin roof and often has a half door that swings up. The second one is fitted mostly on personal vehicles; not police type vehicles as they require a full door.