Emergency Vehicle Manufacturers

When you’re looking for a great emergency vehicle manufacturer in South Africa, you’re task is a daunting one. Not all Ambulance Manufacturers take care, like we do, to ensure that their products meet and exceed requirements and recommendations to ensure that you are supplied a product that will be safe and last a very long time.

We are in existence since 2001 and obtained more than 20 years proven expertise and skills in steel canopy and vehicle body manufacturing industry. Our success is recognized by all major and small enterprises as well as our customers. We are a solid company that draws on the extensive experience of our management team. We are well geared to adapt to any changes that are taking place in the South African Motor Industry.


We have an excellent reputation as steel canopy and allied products manufacturers.

Because of our production management team’s occupational skills and devotion to perfection, our products became market leaders in our industry. We are a leading producer of specialized vehicles. We build according to customized conversions and produce exclusive canopy products in South Africa. We cater for any new development in the motor industry. We are not only a major role player in the SA canopy market; we actively produce 8 to 65 seated passenger bus bodies which are aimed at the local and export markets.

The company maintains a high standard of machinery and tooling. This in turn is combined with a skilled workforce of 146. Our manufacturing team produces high quality goods are competitive prices.

As we strive for perfection as well as to comply with legislation, our products are SABS certified. We are an accredited member of the Retail Motor Industry Organization and the SA Vehicle Body Builders Association. In addition to that, we are registered with the Department of Transport as a Manufacturer, Importer and Builder of motor vehicles.


All our products are covered by an industry standard warranty. It is supported by a comprehensive after sales service that covers parts and repairs.

With all of the above mentioned, we are the company to use when it comes to Emergency Vehicle Manufacturers. Our longstanding experience as well as precautions, guidelines and complied regulations sets us and our products apart from our competitors. We ensure that we meet and above all of that exceed regulations and guidelines as set out by certain authorities in South Africa