Prisoner Carrier Manufacturer

When you buy a steel canopy, you most likely want to be assured that the product you are buying is firstly a good quality product, it will be long lasting and requires minimal repairs. CabWorld is your definite go to for all your canopy needs. Our canopies are quality assured and built to last. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best products to the public. We value our clients and their opinions about us this is why we go out of our way to guarantee exceptional products designed especially for you. We have a well-established business and have been around since 2001.

We supply and fit the best bakkie and canopy products and services to retail and business clients. We take pride in our services and this is why we have been able to build long standing relationship with our trusted clients. We are a leading producer of specialized vehicles, custom built conversions and canopy products across South Africa. Our expertise makes it possible for us to cater for any new developments in the motor industry and continue to grow our clientele.


Excellent service delivery is what we know best. Our canopies can be ordered to your specific requirements; you can also order a canopy with or without windows; we will manufacture according to your needs. Peace of mind is our commitment to you; our products are covered by an industry standard warranty and supported by an inclusive after sales service that covers parts and repairs. When you have CabWorld on your side you need not worry about your vehicle needs. We supply canopies for various vehicle types; Police type canopies, Mortuary canopies, Worker transporter canopies, Eskom type butterfly canopies and Prisoner Carriers. We also repair damaged canopies and supply accessories and spares.

Steel canopies are safe and reliable; they provide extra security and protection from fire and theft because you have the ability to lock them and the materials they are made from are strong and durable. We are available to offer quotation so we can custom make your steel canopy to your specifications. We are an experienced fitment centre who has accumulated 20 years of proven expertise and skills in the steel canopy and vehicle body manufacturing which is recognized by major and small enterprises as well as our trusted customers.

Our company maintains a high standard of machinery and tools and combined with a skilled workforce of 146, we are equipped to manufacture products of the highest standard at competitive prices. We offer exports to several South African neighboring countries such as Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. We strive to comply with legislation; all our products are SABS certified- where necessary. We are also an accredited member of the Retail Motor Industry Organization, the SA Vehicle Body Builders Association and registered with the Department of Transport as Manufacturer, Importer and Builder of motor vehicles.