Quality canopies used for different applications!

Cabworld have been designing and building quality canopies for over a decade now. What really separates us from our competitors is the capability to build canopies for normal vehicle owners, as well as important vehicles used in the Government sector. Vehicles that really bring value to the country, for instance the ambulance that is stationed to save lives in cases of emergency. Police type canopies for the vehicles that transport all the convicted criminals to where they belong, behind bars. Assisting the supply of an important resource used country wide, we specialise in building Eskom type butterfly canopies for vehicles that move around fixing all the electric lines. Offering the public at large really competitive prices, the company have grown from strength to strength, expanding product lines.

Having premises where all the products are manufactured has opened our scope of business to a whole lot of products. We offer a wide range of accessories to fit all LDVs, such as: Bushbars that are fitted with winches.  We specialise in manufacturing Rollbars and Towbars that are customised for the standard type as well as the bumper type.

The skilled team of employees we have also made it possible for the company to widen the target audience. Manufacturing stainless steel additional fuel tanks, Polyurethane rubber linings and stainless steel water tanks has opened us up to customers in the manufacturing industry. Contact us for all your canopy needs and all the other products and service we offer you, bringing quality and affordability to you.