Saving lives daily with suitable ambulance canopies

There is no doubt in the world that we are all entirely grateful to the ambulance services we have in South Africa.  We are grateful to all the committed paramedics, ambulance drivers as well as the machinery (ambulance cars) used to offer people extraordinary services in this sector. Important services such as rescuing the injured from harsh accidents on the roads, delivering babies as they transport pregnant women to the nearest hospital and any other complicated situations that patients find themselves in.

Cab World has contributed immensely in manufacturing quality ambulance canopies for this sector, allowing the health sector to work effectively and efficiently especially when they work with the complicated but valuable human body.

We opened our doors to this market 13 years ago, but have more than 20 years experience in this industry. During this period we have managed to export our products and services to countries such as Botswana, Swaziland and many more, including the United Kingdom.

Aside the ambulance canopies we manufacture we also specialise in manufacturing animal cages, buses and people carriers,   Dropsides and Van bodies, just to mention only a few important products.