Steel Canopies & Other Products

Steel canopies to our standard design and custom made to suit all LDVs including:

  • Police type canopies
  • Mortuary canopies
  • Worker transporter canopies
  • Eskom type butterfly canopies
  • Prisoner Carriers


All people transporter canopies are roll over compliant.


Complete conversions of vehicles to meet the most comprehensive specifications:

  • Ambulance box body to fit a standard LWB pick-up
  • Ambulance conversion on a standard factory panel van or station wagon
  • Mobile clinic conversions
  • Van bodies: Steel and aluminium lined.
  • Dropside bodies with single, double or triple sides
  • Flatbed bodies with or without lutin load space above cab
  • Special prison type vehicle conversions
  • Mobile office conversions
  • Mobile bank conversions
  • Buses: Standard and semi luxury bus bodies with a seating capacity of 8 to 65 seated passengers. Various extras are fitted, e.g. luggage lockers, roof racks, parcel racks, air conditioners. Etc
  • Personnel carrier conversions
  • Overlander conversions
  • Insulated and refrigeration conversions fitted on truck chassis
  • Dog cage conversions on all types of vehicles


We also offer a wide range of accessories to fit all LDVs, such as:

  • Bushbars: standard type and fitted with winches
  • Rollbars, Towbars: standard type and bumper type
  • Roof racks; general purpose, full roof and ladder carriers
  • Benches: fixed type with or without upholstery
  • Benches: folding type with or without upholstery
  • Stainless steel additional fuel tanks
  • Stainless steel water tanks
  • Polyurethane rubber lining
  • Emergency light bars and revolving lights
  • Emergency siren systems with various sound tones
  • Reflective markings and stickers for emergency vehicles
  • Medical equipment for emergency vehicles

 For more information on our steel canopy prices and other services, contact us today.