Steel Canopy Producers

There are many different types of canopies available for your vehicle, made from materials such as fiberglass, steel or aluminum. Traditionally, canopies were being made from fibreglass, but recently there are alternative metal options available because glass is becoming less environmentally friendly. Choosing a canopy can be hard more so when you do not know the options that are available to you; there are just as many, if not more models, styles and options available and getting it right can prove a challenge to the uninitiated.

Buying a canopy requires you to have valid information so that you can know what it is you are looking for. Some have side windows that slide or lift up; some do not have windows at all. Then there is the option of internal lining and lighting. For vehicles used to transport goods or like police vans-to transport prisoners- lighting is essential and the canopy you will choose should allow for sufficient lighting. Locks and security are standard for these kinds of vehicles and should never be taken for granted. Going back on the point of police vans locks and security are very important; these are used not only to secure the vehicle but to make sure that while in transit prisoners do not escape.

There are many benefits to having a steel canopy and we pride ourselves for being one of the best steel canopy manufacturers. Firstly steel is absolutely strong unlike other materials used for canopies. Steel canopies are a life-time investment they do not wear or tear easily and they are not susceptible to rust. As a leader in steel canopy manufacturing we offer a quality finish to our canopies. Steel is also great to use because it can easily be repaired when compared to composite or glass products. Steel will dent rather than crack or break on impact can easily be repaired by any panel beaters or a paintless dent removal specialist. Unlike fiberglass and many other plastic products steel is recyclable and is better for the environment.

We also customize our canopies to have windows that lift-up or slide glass windows depending on your access and security needs. If need be we will also provide solid steel panels. The only issue you might experience with a steel canopy is that they are heavier than plastic ones. Most of the weight in any canopy is in the glass and the weight of steel over plastic is a small price to pay for the quality product you will be receiving from one of the best steel canopy manufacturing companies.